Fool’s gold: fake Mulberry brouhaha

What would push me to go back writing here? Yeah, a bag post!

To say that I am heartbroken is an understatement. For years, I have been searching for a Mulberry Piccadilly in Oak Darwin that won’t break the bank. It is my HOLY GRAIL. I even wrote this elaborate longing on my Tumblr more than 4 years ago. Up to this day, this EXACT Piccadilly is on the top of my wishlist. How can you not fall in love with that patina, that kind of brown and the sheen only an aged-leather can give off? I’m still in love.

My 4-year old Tumblr post

My 4-year old, and frankly very immature, Tumblr post (what was I thinking back then?)

Fast forward to four years after, the fire is still burning. However, my extremely popular and most-Googled Mulberry entry is a cautionary tale – caveat emptor. But my heart skipped a beat when I saw an ad listing back in March. It was simply listed as a Mulberry leather bag, but it surely looked like a Piccadilly to me.

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Comparing a fake and an authentic Mulberry bag

Comparing a Fake and an Authentic Mulberry Bag - BRYOLOGUE

The purpose of this post is just to look at the difference between a fake and an authentic Mulberry bag. I have grown an affinity with it, especially reading online on Mulberry’s humble beginnings in England.

But yesterday, I bought a secondhand fake Mulberry Alexa from a seller here in the Philippines with the intention of getting that turn lock hardware in the postman’s lock for my Mulberry Bayswater. Upon inspecting the item, I saw the stark difference between the hardware of an authentic and a fake Mulberry bag. It was my first opportunity to closely handle and inspect a fake Mulberry and I thought this post might be of interest to new Mulberry lovers out there.

The photos below are just a guide to differentiate the hardware, without discussing much of what makes them different because the counterfeiters might be reading. =)

Authentic Mulberry disc versus Fake Mulberry Disc - Manila, Philippines

Authentic Mulberry disc versus Fake Mulberry disc

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DIY-ing a Mulberry postman’s lock

DIY-ing a Mulberry Postman's Lock - BRYOLOGUE

I was really upset last Friday when I saw that the Mulberry Bayswater I received had a missing postman’s lock. I thought of ways on how to remedy this because I just don’t feel like carrying a Bayswater without a lock.

I had two options with polar consequences: 1) send the item to Mulberry to repair it; however, this means I will be shelling quite a sum of money not only for the repair, but also for the two-way shipping since we don’t have a stand-alone Mulberry store here in the Philippines (and the total price may even cost me more than what I paid for the bag); or 2) have the postman’s lock replaced by myself by getting the necessary part. But where do I get it? It’s not like they would send out parts upon request because of the fear of counterfeiters. *DING DING DING* Counterfeiters.

Fake Mulberry Postman's Lock from an Alexa

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