Lunch was on them: “HEAT” EDSA Shangri-La Manila!

Almost two weeks ago, our officemate Kat had been vigorously messaging ang campaigning for all of us to “Like” the comment she left in this advertisement from EDSA Shangri-la Manila’s Facebook page. I would normally NOT give in to such requests because I am not a fan of popularity contests, but since she was one of the people I like in the office as she was beyond hilarious, I liked the page and commented anyway.

‘Lo and behold, just when she initially thought that she lost the contest, EDSA Shangri-la contacted her saying that the the first and second place winners were disqualified (or ‘was disqualified’ because it was just the same person, who was a professional ‘liker’ in Facebook, making a living out of promos online) and she was bumped to the top spot. Imagine the hilarity of it all. Girl was very giddy and I can’t blame her. To my amusement, I was included in the 19! Ho ho ho! Faye was supposedly included but as she was still on vacation in Palawan, another person took her spot.

EDSA Shangri-La Manila exterior - Manila, Philippines

EDSA Shangri-La Manila exterior

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