One word: RED

Except for one, all my bags are on the neutral side. I also have a lot of messengers but I’m beginning to warm up to backpacks and slowly getting over my trauma of carrying one. So when we went to Seoul last month, Mon and I agreed to buy canvas backpacks, simialr to the styles we kept on seeing on guys in the streets and the subway. So on our third night, we tried finding the stall with the most justified price of bags and came across one, right across Lotte Young Plaza.

A bunch of canvas backpacks hanging from a shop in Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

Red backpack bought from Myeongdong in Seoul

We actually bought four bags: two of two different styles for both Mon and I. I don’t get to use the purple one often but I love using the red one more:

Old-school camera print shirt from Graniph, black skinny pants, black 8-hole Doc Martens and red canvas backpack

Looking back, I think I should have not bought the purple one. My mentality that time was to buy two colored-bags other than neutral so I immediately jumped on the red and purple. Granted that the bags are not exactly expensive (a great deal a KRW 10,000 each, more expensive than the last minute moisturizer I hesitantly bought due to stupidity), I wish I could have bought another black one. =D

Rainy trip the light fantastic

Apparently, there was a storm signal raised since last night and we were not aware of it, given the whole Big Bang preoccupation. So it was not surprising that today, I was woken up by the sound of heavy raindrops by our roof. I just hope it won’t be raining cats and dogs because I’m still traumatized by the last August’s unfortunate event.

Check polo, black H&M sweater, JAG jeans, black 8-hole Doc Martens, black Gucci microfiber messenger bag - Manila, Philippines

Just as I thought that the rainy season was finally over, here comes another typhoon. Although it did not directly hit Metro Manila (and our brothers down south were the ones ravaged by it), I had to dress ready for the rain and wind. My umbrella almost got broken because the gust was quite strong and I even had to mend it before going down.

Trip the light fantastic - Manila, Philippines

Anyway, I was on a Sophie Ellis-Bextor galore for the past few days, particularly over her album ‘Trip the Light Fantastic‘ and I think of vortices and fast moving lights. So when on my way home, I took this shot using my digicam of pretty lights in motion. It just made me happy, that’s all. =D

J’adore mon Epi Noir!

And it finally arrived! I can’t even remember that I was disappointed with the Globe GCASH ‘fiasco’ I had yesterday the moment I opened the parcel.

Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Key Pochette Cles details, key-ring, embossed LV initial and Monogram Wallet - Manila, Philippines

I know I loved my lost Marc Jacobs coin purse, whose lost I had constantly complained about, but I can’t be more happy of this replacement! I knew deep down that I did not have to rush in buying any coin purse because I was secretly hoping to find a reasonably priced epi leather item or even just a nice looking leather coin purse. And after more than two months of searching, I finally have another one! Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the key-ring because it makes the item more feminine. But as I can easily hide it inside, it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. The compartment itself isn’t that roomy, though. Sure I can fit in a few cards and train tickets, but it can’t fit the usual amount of coins the same way my old one did.

Chinese collar polo, jeans, 8-hole Doc Martens, J. Peterman Counterfeit Mailbag

Today is Friday and I was originally about to go to UP and return books that are already overdue (not just for a month, but even more!). I can’t wait for tomorrow because we will be ‘treasure hunting’ and most of all, I’ve been wanting to watch ‘Taken 2’ since last week! Happy Friday it is!




Lunch was on them: “HEAT” EDSA Shangri-La Manila!

Almost two weeks ago, our officemate Kat had been vigorously messaging ang campaigning for all of us to “Like” the comment she left in this advertisement from EDSA Shangri-la Manila’s Facebook page. I would normally NOT give in to such requests because I am not a fan of popularity contests, but since she was one of the people I like in the office as she was beyond hilarious, I liked the page and commented anyway.

‘Lo and behold, just when she initially thought that she lost the contest, EDSA Shangri-la contacted her saying that the the first and second place winners were disqualified (or ‘was disqualified’ because it was just the same person, who was a professional ‘liker’ in Facebook, making a living out of promos online) and she was bumped to the top spot. Imagine the hilarity of it all. Girl was very giddy and I can’t blame her. To my amusement, I was included in the 19! Ho ho ho! Faye was supposedly included but as she was still on vacation in Palawan, another person took her spot.

EDSA Shangri-La Manila exterior - Manila, Philippines

EDSA Shangri-La Manila exterior

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