Unlucky Thursday

I was supposed to do lots of errands today but the unofrtunate event of leaving my wallet at home meant that I became instantly paralyzed. I just realized about it when I was already very far from home, when returning meant that I will be late in the office. I checked my bag and saw that I only have my coin purse with me, containing money enough to go to work. LOL It was extremely deplorable.

Of course, I informed Mon even if I already had a feeling I shouldn’t have. I knew what was coming for me and it was him giving me a sermon over my habit of changing bags frequently. It wasn’t the first time that I left something at home because I change bags, but it was the first time that something as vital as my wallet got left at home. I knew he was right but I still did not want to be told about it. That was or is my unfortunate behavior — stubborn and headstrong.

So I just borrowed money from an officemate rather than borrowing from Mon and went straight to the nearest AIR21 in our area. I was rushing to reach the cut-off for same day shipping but I was shocked to see this posted on their door:

AIR21 in Convergys has moved

I am a JRS Express loyal customer (Farmers Plaza branch to be more precise) but it was the most convenient thing to do earlier because I was in Cubao with no money and had no means to ship what I needed to ship. The nearest JRS to this already-closed AIR21 was only about 2-minute walk and I was fortunate enough to reach the cut-off.

I amo now holding on to my coin purse as if my life depended on it because it contains the last money I have for the day. LOL It was infuriating and hilarious at the same time. I am using the black backpack I’ve used in our Seoul trip and finally had the energy/will to clean its contents.Old receipts, maps, brochures and all other things were  finally taken out. I have even lined up the things I will transfer from the previous bag so I won’t forget anything — but I still did. My wallet was in the secret pocket of the other bag and no wonder I forgot about it.

Anyway, I personally think that I no longer change bags as often as before so Mon’s claim was technically invalid. =P Meanwhile, I had to think of ways to get me through this day with only several pesos left in my pocket. LOL

J’adore mon Epi Noir!

And it finally arrived! I can’t even remember that I was disappointed with the Globe GCASH ‘fiasco’ I had yesterday the moment I opened the parcel.

Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Key Pochette Cles details, key-ring, embossed LV initial and Monogram Wallet - Manila, Philippines

I know I loved my lost Marc Jacobs coin purse, whose lost I had constantly complained about, but I can’t be more happy of this replacement! I knew deep down that I did not have to rush in buying any coin purse because I was secretly hoping to find a reasonably priced epi leather item or even just a nice looking leather coin purse. And after more than two months of searching, I finally have another one! Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the key-ring because it makes the item more feminine. But as I can easily hide it inside, it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. The compartment itself isn’t that roomy, though. Sure I can fit in a few cards and train tickets, but it can’t fit the usual amount of coins the same way my old one did.

Chinese collar polo, jeans, 8-hole Doc Martens, J. Peterman Counterfeit Mailbag

Today is Friday and I was originally about to go to UP and return books that are already overdue (not just for a month, but even more!). I can’t wait for tomorrow because we will be ‘treasure hunting’ and most of all, I’ve been wanting to watch ‘Taken 2’ since last week! Happy Friday it is!




Oh… new Globe GCASH Fees = BYE BYE GCASH!!!

Louis Vuitton Cles in Black Epi Leather - LV, Manila, Philippines

Last night, I had decided to get the Epi leather Cles I’ve been considering since Monday to finally have a replacement for my lost coin purse. I woke up relatively early because I had to pay for the item via GCash in Gateway Mall and cash-in (i.e. put credits in my account) because I still have a few hundreds in my account. I just needed to augment it before sending to the seller through my own cellphone.

While I was in the couch and about to send the money, I received a notification that the transaction was failed because I had no sufficient funds. I was initially shocked because I never had such problem with sending money. I re-checked my balance and saw that I had sufficient amount. I approached the counter to ask what was the problem, then she informed me that they now charge Php 10/ Php 1000 sent from one account to another. WHOA!

Globe Business Center - Gateway Mall Cubao - Philippines

I can’t remember when was the last time I paid for something via GCash. Was it that long time ago that I did not even know that such transactions fees were already imposed?  Turned out that it has been like that since August 1, 2012. Well, since I was putting cash into my own account, I did not have to pay any fees. But the fees are also different from OTC to cellphone-to-cellphone transaction. In my case earlier, Php 10 / Php 1000 had to be deducted from my current balance. However, it will be Php 20/Php 1000 if the transaction will be done OTC. And take note that I was reminded that it will remain to be Php 10 or Php 20 for every fraction of a thousand. So does it mean that the fee will be Php 40 if one would intend to send Php 2,001 to another account via OTC? Most probably yes.

Globe used to charge differently before, with the 1% transaction fee as an acceptable rate, at least for me. I’ve been using Globe GCASH both as a seller and buyer on Ebay.ph since 2008, and this move by Globe definitely put me off from using this service? Will I still be using Globe GCASH? Definitely not. I was already put-off by the interbranch charge by BDO so I decided not to use it as a payment option for buyers, and I will also be removing the GCASH option — their service just lost one customer.

Our visa for South Korea got approved!

Two weeks ago, I started preparing for the requirements of our visa application for South Korea, but slowly psyched myself out until last night — what if I got denied. O_O

I arrived in the office very eager to leave and immediately go to McKinley Hill. I was so eager that I have even foregone paying my cellphone bill and forgotten that something would arrive in the mail today:

JRS Express Parcel - Letter Pouch, Manila, Philippines

Nothing makes me happy than seeing any JRS parcel. Just kidding.

Black Prada Tessuto Zipped Pouch - Manila, Philippines

Black Prada Tessuto Zipped Pouch - Triangle Logo - Manila, Philippines

It’s no coin purse but I think I can put more things inside! Plus, I need not worry about water stains because tessuto is definitely water resistant.

Back to the visa question, I immediately used the pouch and we went right away to McKinley Hill. I was very anxious because Raisa has still not replied whether she had already obtained my visa from the consular services. When she informed me that Mon was granted one last Monday, she was very quick to let me know. My paranoia kicked in and I called her just to clear things up. Turned out, something was just wrong with the network (damn you, Globe!) and Mon’s cellphone even has no signal.

Chancery lobby - Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines - McKinley Hill


(Not so sure if taking of photos was allowed, but I went for it anyway)

We arrived in the embassy and went immediately by the lobby of Chancery, where we waited for Raisa. The receptionist was already waiting for us and handed out our passports back to us. My first action was to shake the passport for signs of that dreaded white slip/paper, then search for my visa inside. It was on the 21st page and I heaved a sigh of relief (though I’m wondering why the visa was stamped way back into a much latter page of the passport, skipping exactly seven blank pages).

My Korean Tourist Visa for 2012 - South Korean Visa, Manila, Philippines

While waiting for Raisa

When Raisa arrived, we had a quick chat and was even teased over my paranoia, and how she was confident that I will be given one, especially I was also granted a year before. I was also surprised when she said that the results of our comprehensive exams might even reach the first week of November. I initially thought that the results will be out by the last week of October, but either way, they can push the results back to December as long as I pass.

We weighed our chances for the umpteenth time but as we can no longer do anything but wait and pray, we just promised each other that we’ll let each other know of the results once they are already out.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for our trip this December! We plan to spend the last day in Incheon and see what we can do there. See you again South Korea!