Christmas officially started in our house!

It has been weeks already since we brought out our Christmas tree, but we only had the time this weekend to finally put ornaments on it (and some more)! My nephew and niece were, of course, very eager to help. After all, Christmas is more fun when you have kids screaming and running around the house. LOLMy nephew JB hanging ornaments on our Christmas tree - Christmas in the PhilippinesBrie hugging Little Santa - Christmas in the Philippines

However, I had been sneezing for hours already because the ornaments and decorations were kept in their boxes for months and all the dust and what-nots irritated my nose. Not to mention, I had been helping Mama to hang all of the lights and those little, paratrooper Santas around the house. By the end of the day, I was already sweaty and grimy that I had scrubbed my body hard to remove the dirt when I took a bath.

A Poinsettia on our Christmas Tree - Christmas in the Philippines

I can even see Brie and I in the reflection - Christmas in the Philippines

Little Santa under our tree - Christmas in the Philippines

Lights looking nicer when out of focus =) - Christmas in the PhilippinesOn another note, I just found out that my good friend miles away from me has been brought to the hospital. =( I’m extremely worried now and I hope that medication for his kidney stones will suffice because surgery will definitely be next option.. Take care Ikle!

WordAds earnings

WordAds earnings for two monthsLast September, I applied for WordAds, which is the exclusive advertising option for WordPress-based blogs and I was happy that I was approved. Two months on since the ads started running, I was able to earn the amount indicated above, equivalent for about a total of 29,000 impressions. I understand that the payoff will not be very high, considering that I’m located in the Philippines where impressions do not cost that high (per advertisers’ point-of-view) but I’m on the fence about it.

Sure I’m not really here to make money but just blog whatever comes to mind/the things that happen in my life, especially for my friend to see (he has ways to view my blog in spit of the Great Firewall of China!), but as I have no idea on what to expect, then I’m as good as fine with it. LOL But at this rate, I won’t be able to get any money until next year if I needed to reach $ 100 before they make any payment. Whatever happens happens. =)


On what freedom means

When I opened my browser, I saw Google’s homepage showcasing the Philippine flag, as we are now celebrating our 114th independence from the colonial grip of Spain. But whether we are truly free is another story.

google philippines independence day

I will not be delving more into the socioeconomic and political aspects of our country’s current situation.  There are various theories explaining that third world, or okay, developing countries like us are politically independent but economically dependent; therefore undermining the concept of freedom. But the question of freedom is also quite personal to most people, and I also always ask myself am I really free?

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