The laughable trench coat scare

The Laughable Burberry Trench Coat Scare - Men vs Women - BRYOLOGUE

For a long time, I’ve been always searching for the perfect opportunity to snag a Burberry trench coat but I wasn’t fortunate enough — until last Friday! Whenever I see one available on Ebay, it wasn’t my size and most of the trenches are for women to begin with! I was able to buy one before, but it was not trench but a raincoat.

So I eventually sold it. I want a traditional trench with the belt, D-rings (in case I decide one day to carry a grenade) and, of course, the double breasted-ness of it. I just paid for this vintage Burberrys trench coat (more on the ‘s’ on that Burberry in a while) this afternoon and it will arrive tomorrow.

I was really excited and was still looking at the pictures and reading online when I was suddenly alarmed. I just realized that there’s a difference between a man and a woman’s trench coat, the same way that dress shirts are made differently for both sexes. I looked at the photo and saw, upon comparison with pictures from Google Images, that it was buttoned the same way as women’s shirts were, with the right lapel on the top. I was floored. Did I just make a terrible mistake of buying a lady’s coat? So I looked again online to look at other pictures, and specifically searched for “parts of a trench coat” and saw this:

Parts of a trench coat - Manila, Philippines

(Photo from

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