The annual problem: mold on my bags

Last month, I thought of the impending problem that the rainy days will bring: bag safety. When I was looking over my stuff, I’ve noticed that my black Gucci tote had the usual suspect on the leather parts. I should have stored it in a dust bag but as I still haven’t commissioned somebody to do it for me, it was inevitable that the bag  had caught such problem. Continue Reading

How do you store your bags?

I’ve spent the whole afternoon cleaning my room and it was no easy task. I don’t have a dedicated storage area for my bags and I don’t keep them all in a dustbag. Most of them no longer have dustbags and I’ve been keeping a mental note to go to the fabric market and buy materials to make them. Meanwhile, here is what I did with my bags.

BAG PILE! - Givenchy duffle, Gucci coated canvas, Coach glove tanned briefcase, J. Peterman Mailbag, Gucci microfiber messenger, Gucci monogram canvas tote - Manila, Philippines

BAG PILE! – Givenchy duffle bag, Gucci coated canvas bag , Coach glove tanned briefcase bag, J. Peterman Mailbag, Gucci microfiber messenger bag, Gucci monogram canvas tote bag

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