Tangerine Dream

I’m already halfway the semestral break and enlistment is due to start soon. With a little trick with our pocket Wi-Fi, I have been watching a lot of videos from YouTube.

I enjoyed Graveraven’s channel on YouTube a lot. It has a series of fashion documentaries by Loïc Prigent, and I started off with Donatella Versace. I adore her candor and warmth towards her staff, especially her fondness and longing to her brother Gianni. Sure, her physical appearance was nowhere near the late 90s, but she is commanding and humorous at the same time.

The last documentary I’ve watched is Alexander Wang’s. With his relatively younger label and no fuss approach to his personal style. Come to think of it, it might be something I’d like to adopt in real life.

As days pass by, I find myself picking just a plain black or dark blue shirt. I’m also beginning to wear black pants that I ignored for months. But expect me to jazz it up with a bag, of course. I came to the conclusion that I should start being unapologetic about myself, unlike what I mentioned before.

Rise above the mess - Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag Tangerine Pebbled Leather

Rise above the mess

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And two more months before the fourth!

Mon and I were on halfday leave earlier because it was our 3rd year and 10th month together! Last month, we also did the same thing — movie with dinner because we still had to go to work, even for half of our normal shift. We watched “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and it was really good! Quite bloody but what can I expect from a vampire movie! (Not unless we include that movie with the sparkly vampires *shudders*).

And I did not know that Erin Wasson was there! She was malevolent and I had to explain to Mon that he has already seen her. I even had to mention that she was on the first episode of the Cycle 16 of ANTM, the one with the giant bubble on the runway with the contestants modelling Alexander Wang. It was only then that he recalled. =P

Meatlover's pizza, Legally Blonde pasta and my favorite potato wedges - Marciano's Greenbelt 3

Meatlover’s pizza, Legally Blonde pasta and my favorite potato wedges

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