Almost “Yohji”

This Saturday, our company will have our Christmas party and it will be the earliest one I’d have in almost five years of working in this company. I knew much earlier that it was a ‘Fashion Ball’ and I was honestly not excited about it. Of course, I love dressing up every once in a while and this yearend event usually is that one outlet for me to try out my DIY skills, outfit-wise. The thing is, Mon and I don’t really fancy spending money on a tailored and personalized ensemble because of our impending trip. I just intended to wear something from my wardrobe and call a day.

Give me luck, ticket!And then, I saw this Yohji Yamamato Pour Homme asymemtrical top available on and my heart stopped. My plan not to spend money for an outfit suddenly went out of the window. The trouble was, the auction was to end on a time when I usually travel to work. i have a mobile connection 24/7 but I could’t risk losing the item to a last minute bid. What I did was travel halfway to work, logged in an internet café and marched to a full-on bidding war. I was victorious. I immediately asked for an invoice and paid within the hour.

Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme asymmetrical top - Manila, Philippines

But ‘lo and behold, I woke up the next day with a text message from the seller, telling me that he can’t ship the item because he noticed last minute that there was a big rip on the item. O_O He offered me a chance to exchange it to one of his current items on sale, but as all of his items for sale are for ladies, I declined and just asked for a refund.

I was extremely distraught because just as I considered putting an effort and spending a little for a Yohji Yamamoto, I eventually ended up with nothing. So, I might actually just wear a shirt this Saturday. LOL




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