So this is how you pack a Keepall!

Three months ago, I ruminated over selling my Keepall 50 for a Mulberry Bayswater. But turned out, I ended up NOT selling it at all. I told myself “How dare you consider letting this go, after all of those memories?“. However, for our Seoul trip this December, I actually consider not using the bag because I might have excessively packed it last year and remembered that it was extremely heavy, considering it has no shoulder straps.

Louis Vuitton - Art of Packing from

(Screencap from

I then found myself on Louis Vuitton’s website because I was looking at the dimensions of an Epi Cles as I saw one listed on Ebay (I still can’t get over my lost/stolen coin purse). Then I stumbled upon this interesting and interactive tutorial on the “Art of Packing“. First of all, it never occurred to me that you can position your shoes like that inside a keepall or any travelling bag. I had a constant mental “Ooooohhh” while watching the video and picked up a few tricks while the invisible hand (definitely not of Adam Smith) place an item after another inside the bag. Just as I thought that the usual rolling up of the clothes to avoid crease does the trick, I saw this tutorial which proved to be helpful in packing things for travel.

But then again, my Keepall still doesn’t have a strap but I will be taking note of the tips in the video when I pack another bag I can sling over my shoulder.


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