Seriously, where were the wild things?

Compared to my previous attempts to study in the library these past two weeks, this Saturday was far better than what I originally expected. I was able to read one of the crucial things that will probably come up in the examination and I was happy that I more or less got a better understanding of ontology and epistemology in IR theories compared to the days before. I hope so. LOL

Hot coffee and cold coffee. Anything to wake me up. Louis Vuitton wallet

There were no coffee at home when I left (my mother’s decaf does not count) and I just first bought a can of iced coffee and another round of both iced and hot coffee. The students eating near me might be thinking that I was quite mad. But I needed to stay awake because all that reading made my head quite heavy. Words swimming in my head always do tend to become potent tranquilizers.

After studying from 11:00 AM until almost 5:00 PM, the weather was perfect when Mon arrived. It just drizzled few hours back and the skies were quite cloudy and was on the verge of another rain. And then I jokingly asked Mon if we could go to UP Lagoon to do something I’ve been thinking of since last week.

Well, I posted last time that I’ve seen a nice spot in the campus that reminded me of that ‘Where the Wild Things Are’-inspired Mulberry F/W 2012 ad campaign with Lindsey Wixson. I just did it. I needed to do something silly because I’ve been seriously reading for hours!

MULBERRY BAG PHILIPPINES - Move over Lindsey. Too bad I did not have furry, giant monsters around me. Mulberry Bayswater in Congo leather - UP Diliman Philippines

Armed with just a digital camera and braving the quite muddy leaf-strewn and grass-covered ground, Mon and I had several photos and we were laughing hard with this crazy idea. The people jogging around might be shaking their heads but we did not care. They won’t see us tomorrow anyway but maybe some of them won’t forget how we were washing our feet with bottled water because they were really muddy when we reached the elevated pavement.

Move over Lindsey. I’m about to finish your career. Just kidding. I really love Mulberry’s latest ad campaign. <3



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