Rainy day and Monday

I was looking at some pictures online yesterday when I saw this photo.

British skinheads from the 1960s

(Photo from fashionyourseatbelts.net)

I really loved the look of the guy in the middle with the check shirt and I got inspired by his look. So it was my first time to use these 8-hole Doc Martens today. I don’t know if I should be happy because it was raining but I’m glad at every excuse to make wearing boots legitimate. I’m not good at seriously posing but I’m good at the constipated look. =P

I don’t have white pants and I think it won’t be smart to wear one, given the savage weather outside. Plus, it should be an office look, influenced with this subculture’s twist.

Checkered shirt, tailored pants, vintage Coach messenger briefcase, Lanvin belt, 8-hole Doc Martens with strap and buckle detail - Coach Bag Philippines

The trusted Coach glove tanned leather against the rain and my pseudo-office pants that is almost the texture of denim in real life.  I have altered these pants by myself yesterday — hand sewn, no machine and all. I had it altered before twice with two different tailors but they can’t seem the get the fit right. These legs are difficult to work with.

Also, I love the touch of hardware in these Doc Martens boots. I think the guard on duty would side-eye me again because he is perpetually conflicted whether I’m within the prescribed dress code or not.

Vintage Coach messenger briefcase in glove tanned leather and 8-hole Doc Martens with leather strap and buckle detail - Coach bag Philippines

I got this check, short-sleeves polo shirt from a sale rack in Landmark last month. I would normally nor wear them because I feel uncomfortable in this type of fabric, but the weather made it permissible.


The wonders of a tripod and a camera with a timer.



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