All set for tomorrow’s big event!

I have never been inside the SM MOA Arena and tomorrow will be my first time. =D Based on what I’ve read online, a lot of people are afraid of how the drums will sound given the architecture of the place, as compared with Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Lower Box Tickets for 2012 UAAP Cheerdance Competition

But my problem earlier was what I’ll be wearing tomorrow. The UP community should wear maroon and I only have three maroon garments at home. First, a polo shirt I wore last week because I had no other shirts to use that time. Second, a T-shirt I bought from SC two years ago with a giant print of Oblé. And finally, an itty-bitty velvet shirt we used to wear before during half-times. It was so small that my nephew can even use it now. I can’t believe that shirt used to fit me, so I’ll be not wearing that most definitely.

Token maroon shirt from the sale rack, no, basket

On my way to work, I then had a last minute purchase from the “SALE” basket of Bench and dug up this Php 299 shirt. I initially picked up the medium one but wow, the fit was so tight! I searched for the XL one and it was just right. Who are they dressing in the first place? I know I’m not even near oversized but it was as if they have a subliminal “No Fat People Allowed” message directed to the shoppers. That was already their XL!

I’m preparing myself to the possiblity that about two or three people will be wearing the same shirt as mine tomorrow, given that it was bought from Bench. I will just bring an extra shirt to be sure.


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