My “stuff” — extremely picture heavy!

So yesterday (or last Saturday as it is now Monday here in Manila), I had an afternoon to fix my things because they are scattered everywhere in my room. I had the opportunity to clean what needs to be cleaned, polish what needs to be polished and others similar to that.

I also took advantage of the perfect afternoon sun diffusely shining by the window to take pictures of the things I currently own. I used to take pictures of them but only with my camera phone, and I’m not surprised that photos were better on a digital camera. The most logical way for me to post my “stuff” (i.e. bags and SLGs only) here is via size, first with the largest until the smallest:

vintage louis vuitton keepall 50 manila philippines

Louis Vutton Keepall 50

gucci monogram canvas duffel luggage manila philippines

Gucci Canvas Duffle Weekender

givenchy luggage duffel manila philippines

Givenchy Luggage Duffle Weekender Bag

gucci microfiber messenger bag manila philippines

Gucci Large Microfiber Messenger

vintage mulberry wexford leather messenger briefcase manila philippines

Mulberry Wexford Leather Messenger Briefcase

j. peterman counterfeit mailbag nubuck manila philippines

J. Peterman Counterfeit Mailbag (that is its proper name, really)

Mulberry Bayswater in Congo Leather - vintage Manila, Philippines

Mulberry Bayswater in Congo Leather

gucci gifford tote black monogram canvas manila philippines

Gucci Gifford Tote Black Denim Monogram

coach black metropolitan briefcase messenger bag glove tanned leather manila philippines

Coach Metropolitan Messenger Briefcase

vintage louis vuitton saumur 35 lv messenger manila philippines

Louis Vuitton Saumur 35

louis vuitton bosphore gm lv messenger manila philippines

Louis Vuitton Bosphore Messenger GM

Prada Large Black Nylon and Saffiano Backpack

Prada Nylon and Saffiano Backpack

LV Montsouris GM - Manila, Philippines

Louis Vuitton Montsouris GM Backpack (available on Luxe DH for USD$599)

gucci brown coated canvas messenger bag manila philippines

Gucci Coated Canvas Messenger

Longchamp Yellow Orange Coated Canvas messenger bag - Manila, Philippines

Longchamp Yellow Orange Coated Canvas Messenger

Prada Black Nylon and Saffiano Messenger Sling bag

Prada Nylon and Saffiano Messenger

prada tessuto messenger bag sling manila philippines

Prada Olive Green Tessuto Messenger

comme des garçons canvas and leather tote manila philippines

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Canvas and Leather Tote

mulberry_vintage_scotchgrain_sling_messenger_manila philippines

Mulberry Scotchgrain Vintage Messenger Bag

louis vuitton nil lv messenger sling bag manila philippines

Louis Vuitton Nil Messenger

gucci black monogram canvas messenger sling bag manila philippines

Gucci Black Monogram Sling

black vintage christian dior clutch pouch manila philippines

Christian Dior Vintage Envelope Pouch

mulberry nylon clipper clutch pouch manila philippines

Mulberry Nylon Pouch

vintage louis vuitton trousse toilette gm lv clutch pouch manila philippines

Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette GM

Prada Tessuto Pouch - Manila, Philippines

Prada Tessuto Pouch

vintage louis vuitton european checkbook and cardholder lv wallet manila philippines

Louis Vuitton Wallet

vintage mulberry congo leather wallet agenda manila philippines

Mulberry Black Congo Leather Agenda

LV Epi Noir Cles - Manila, Philippines 

black marc jacobs turnlock coin purse walelt manila philippines

Marc Jacobs Coin Purse (lost)



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