My nephew’s 8th birthday

Well, he considers himself nine because he celebrated twice last year (first was on the day itself, a Friday, before Mon and I left for Korea the day after, and the second was Sunday thereafter), but he’s technically eight today. After attending mass, we all went to Eastwood to have a mini-celebration. We did not want to cook  at home or anything, so the best solution was just to go out.

Seafood Island, Eastwood City, Quezon City, Philippines

Nephew, Sister and Niece

Mama and BBB --- Birthday Boy Brandon

My brother, my niece and my brother's girlfriend

The meal was insane. It was carbs overload and I remember eating almost the same thing last year for a team dinner in Greenbelt 3. The typical Filipino food served in a big wooden plank, filled with rice and lots of grilled food.

Seafood Island's Binalot Platter (?) - Eastwood City, Quezon City Philippines

My niece’s hair was crazily sticking out of her head. I just hope she won’t curse us when she grows up and see her toddler pictures.
Brie and her godfather

She left the house with her hair looking like this, as an attempt of my sister to emulate Sandara Park’s hair:

Brie with her Sandara Park inspired hair

While the young and the young-at-heart were busy playing in the Timezone, the older ones just went to sit by the videoke area and sang to our hearts content. LOL =D

Air hockey between my brother and Brandon - Timezone, Eastwood Mall

The girl with the antennae tinkering with the videoke machine" alt="The girl with the antennae tinkering with the videoke machine - Timezone, Eastwood City Mall

And for today, I just wore this Black Play by Comme des Garçons polo shirt because I’m always too lazy to dress up on a weekend. =) But I allowed my sister to use this new-to-me gray Hermès Fourre Tout I just received last Friday, and she used it as a diaper bag — bless her.

My sister (using my new-to-me Hermès Fourre Tout bag, even before me!) and I (in black Play by Comme des Garçons polo shirt, blue Penshoppe shorts and Givenchy luggage duffle bag) - Eastwood CIty Mall, Quezon City, Philippines"

Black Play by Comme des Garcons Polo Shirt with Red Heart - Manila, Philippines

Red Heart - Play by Comme des Garçons --- Manila, Philippines

To be quite honest, I don’t know whether I’ll be frequently using it. I intended to originally buy it and re-sell it. However, upon receiving it and seeing it in person, I kind of liked the style in this color. I had a red Fourre Tout before but I sold it without even attempting to keep it. I like red as a color, but I just can’t use the bag in its fiery glory. But on gray, it looks more acceptable to me when carried unlike the red before. I still doubt if I will carry it all by itself. I will most probably use it as a document/important things’ carrier.

Hermes Fourre Tout

Black Play by Comme des Garcons Polo Shirt, Blue Penshopped Stripes Shorts and Gray Hermes Fourre Tout - Manila, Philippines

Anyway, it was a nice day to be out in the family and I’m so happy that Mon got to be with us for the day. He’s extremely close with my niece, and especially my nephew, wherein the latter would tell him things that he won’t even bother telling us! After this big day, the next event to look forward to will be our trip to Zambales this Wednesday — just in time for our 4th year anniversary on the 6th! ^_^

Mon and I with the little antennae-d girl on the background



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