Meeting with classmates

UP Ayala Technohub

Very sunny Saturday, in fact, more than the usual blaze of the sun but I had to go to UP Ayala Technohub to meet some of my classmates in graduate school. The three will be taking their comprehensive examinations this February and I volunteered to help them with their review. =D

After all these years, I haven’t set foot in the Technohub until a few hours back, to think that it was extremely accessible from school. Anyway, I was able to talk to them and share my experience in taking and preparing for the examination. They were wondering why I was taking the time to help them out, but I just said that I was just paying it forward. I also got help from other people in preparing for the exam, particularly on what to expect so I was not totally in the dark when I took them. I was quite delighted that they have already started studying for the exams this early, because it took me just about five weeks to review for them. =/

I promised myself not to be like one of those classmates of ours who were not to keen to be helpful with something grueling such as these exams. They won’t be stripped off of their degrees if they were to be more explicit and less vague with others on what to expect. The examinees will still be the one sitting for the tests. Also, I had a funny feeling that they secretly wish others to fail — typical crab-mentality. There could be other acceptable reasons but I just can’t handle people who are like that. And as they put it in vernacular, “Saksak nila ‘yan sa baga nila“. Just kidding. LOL


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