Lunch was on them: “HEAT” EDSA Shangri-La Manila!

Almost two weeks ago, our officemate Kat had been vigorously messaging ang campaigning for all of us to “Like” the comment she left in this advertisement from EDSA Shangri-la Manila’s Facebook page. I would normally NOT give in to such requests because I am not a fan of popularity contests, but since she was one of the people I like in the office as she was beyond hilarious, I liked the page and commented anyway.

‘Lo and behold, just when she initially thought that she lost the contest, EDSA Shangri-la contacted her saying that the the first and second place winners were disqualified (or ‘was disqualified’ because it was just the same person, who was a professional ‘liker’ in Facebook, making a living out of promos online) and she was bumped to the top spot. Imagine the hilarity of it all. Girl was very giddy and I can’t blame her. To my amusement, I was included in the 19! Ho ho ho! Faye was supposedly included but as she was still on vacation in Palawan, another person took her spot.

EDSA Shangri-La Manila exterior - Manila, Philippines

EDSA Shangri-La Manila exterior

We were to arrive before lunch in EDSA Shangri-la because it was a FREE lunch (duh!). However, there was a slight misunderstanding as the staff, I think, were not aware that a bunch of people would come to claim the crown but it was immediately smoothed over.

Blue shirt, skinny khaki pants, brown 8-hole Doc Martens, Mulberry Wexford leather messenger briefcase details - Manila, Philippines

Blue shirt, skinny khaki pants, brown 8-hole Doc Martens, Mulberry Wexford leather messenger briefcase

I originally intended to wear a buttoned-up shirt but the weather was really humid and I doubt that I would be able to stand it if I were not to wear just a polo shirt. I have thrifted this blue one recently for only Php 50!

But as it was still in the laundry basket until last night, I had to rush and wash it and air dry it in front of an electric fan before leaving the house. Talk about last minute preparations. I decided to wear khaki pants  as there was zero chance of raining and there won’t be mud. And after weeks of keeping this Mulberry in its dustbag, time to see the living daylight!

The Heat - EDSA Shangri-La Manila, Pilippines

The Heat!

The Heat - EDSA Shangri-La Manila - Philippines

When it was time to eat, of course I was really hungry. The first set of food I took was so motley that it looked extremely weird and unappetizing on the plate. I can’t even remember what were the names of the dishes I took. For sure I had kare-kare, and there were crabs, mushrooms, salmon, and a Chinese dish (I think). It was really funny.

Most unappetizing plate LOL - The Heat, Philippines

But the next time I went back to the buffet, I had more restraint and took over the Japanese corner. I had tuna and cheese sushi, tuna sashimi and a couple of tempura. Faye would definitely love it here because she’s one big sushi/sashimi fan. I also tried their roast beef but I was unable to finish everything as I was reserving an internal compartment for my favorite part: desserts! =D

Sushi-ness and sashimi - Heat, EDSA Shangri-la, Mandaluyong City Philippines

Shrimp tempura and roast beef - Heat, EDSA Shangri-la, Madnaluyong City Philippines

I did not bother bringing my digicam in the buffet area, so I just took a couple of shots with my cellphone camera (thus the crappy quality). They had all sorts of desserts but I eagerly waited for my turn in the crêperie and had a blueberry, peach and mango crêpe. I did not even know why I took some of the other desserts, though, but hoarding is indeed the new black.

Chocolate fountain, Bailey's brownies, mango tarts and crepe - desserts at Heat, EDSA Shangri-la Mandaluyong City Philippines

Blueberry, peach and mango crepe - crepe at Heat, EDSA Shangri-la Mandaluyong City Philippines

Desserts galore - Heat, EDSA Shangri-la Mandaluyong City Philippines

Thank you so much Kat for being very persistent! HA! It was a really nice day and I’m sure that I, along the others, ahd a great time! I envy your gift for mobilization. =D Our total bill was Php 37,000, so the price was about Php 1,850 per person! Good thing it was for free! LOL

With the fiercest bitch of the day!

20 people - EDSA Shangri-la The Heat


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