Leaving Seoul behind

It has been days since I last posted on my blog because I found it extremely hard to open WordPress without going into too much detail of the things we did for a particular day.

First three days in Seoul, South Korea: : Gyeongbokgung, Namsangol Hanok Village, Nami Island and Namsan Guesthouse 2

As expected, we had a blast in Seoul, notwithstanding the amount of mishaps that happened to Mon and I within four days (like leaving my earmuffs in the guesthouse before going to Nami Island, and eventually losing them in COEX Mall on our last night before heading home! I almost cried).

About to sleep in Incheon International Airport, South Korea --- yes I was just acting here LOL

About to sleep in Incheon International Airport — yes I was just acting here LOL

It is already 12:57 AM (Korean Time) and we are currently in Incheon International Airport, waiting for the check-in counter to open at 5:00 AM. We decided to just wait for it here than risk missing our flight back home at 7:30 AM, if we were to catch the earliest intercity bus leaving for Incheon.

We did not want to ride a taxi either because it costs an arm and a leg. This will be our first time to sleep in an airport and we had written off on the last minute the prospect of staying in “Spa on Air”. The airport, being consistently considered as the first and the best in world, is extremely safe, but we will still secure our things just in case.

I can’t wait to go back home and fix the photos and share our experience back in South Korea. First and foremost, I now put winter in my “good in theory, not-so-good in practice” file. Don’t get me wrong, I loved winter in Seoul but a lot of crazy things happened during these four days and there will be no deprivation of details for every experience, in every place, each day.

So for the following days, I will most probably be posting each of them and share loads of photos we took. We had three cameras at hand and even brought Mon’s laptop to transfer the photos in case the memory got full. I will collectively call these posts as the “Winter in Seoul 2012” series, and devoting a few entries on specific places and themes, such as food, fashion, technology, etc.

I am definitely missing South Korea now, even if we’re still in the airport. It might take a couple of years before we go back here again because we both agreed that, even if we love this country so much, it is time to explore others as well. On the other hand, the next trip to look forward to will be my trip with Mon and his mother and sister, and my mother as well in Palawan this July 2013.

Thank you so much South Korea for letting this boy from the tropics experience and enjoy snow and winter. À bientôt!

*See related posts in this “Winter in Seoul 2012” series.




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