Last student, new application

Before my boss went outside the country for her almost-a-month holiday, I had a very long meeting with her. It was eventful and I appreciated that we had it as there were things I had to look forward to when she comes back.

Among other things, I expressed my interest of studying French again. I admittedly did not have a lot of opportunity to speak French and I, along with other foreign language learners, fear the day that we’d be back at square one. You must grab the bull by its horns and take charge. After several weeks, I finally got the green-light.

Library of AFM

Library of AFM

Classes have already started four weeks ago and by the looks of things, I might be the new student in class. I had a feeling that all of them were, most likely, classmates in their previous French classes. Whether or not my presence would be embraced, that is not something I should dwell upon because I was there to practice higher level French.

The last time I was inside Alliance was way back in November 2013. That was the time when I got my certificate for passing DELF B2. It has been almost three years, considering that the place was mere 20 minutes away from the apartment. At least the travel back home won’t be very long after the night classes.

After several sessions (and getting over my initial state of uneasiness), things are better than the first day. I just had to remind myself that it will be just like my French classes in UP, minus the nervousness of passing or failing, and the pressure of extra-curricular activities. I just had to relax, go with the flow and try to speak as much as I can.

Before August ended, I also had to finally submit my application for UP Open University. I originally thought of going to Los Baños to personally submit my requirements. However, given the erratic weather and the idea of traveling several hours, I opted to send them via LBC. It took exactly a day with online tracking to reach the Admissions Section.

Application for UPOU

Application for UPOU

I also love how convenient it was to pay the application fee online. It was Php 500 for local applicants, but I was also charged Php 23 for the online processing. You can attach everything online but still had to send the original copies (as well as the recommendation letters, which were put inside sealed envelopes).

I’m such a restless person, I know. But my instincts are telling me that I am doing the right thing. I’d love to hear what others have to say with all of these, but I definitely have the last word.


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