Kindle scare

Kindle 3G Update

It has been a long time since I tinkered with my Kindle and today, I had to open the wireless connection to wait for the book I converted to arrive. To my surprise, it automatically went to the screen above. Of course, it was just a normal update and I just let it do things on its own.

Kindle 3G update almost finished

When the ‘loading’ screen was done, it then went into the screen above. But what happened after gave me a good scare. For a good ten minutes, it seemed on loop with the ‘reboot’ screen. O_O It scared me a lot and I was already blaming myself for carrying on with the update (though I have no idea how to stop it mid-way because it was automatic when it detected WiFi connection). It went on and on and I was already Google-ing DIY troubleshooting given the scenario. And all of a sudden, this screen appeared:

Screenshot from my Kindle 3G containing the virtual letter from Amazon --- it was just updated LOL

It was just a notification that my Kindle was now updated. LOL Anyway, it contains what are the new things that my Kindle can do now. So aside from the ones listed above, it also has new function for viewing children’s picture books, enhancement on table and image viewing, as well as Whispersync for Voice. I was unnecessarily scared out of my wits and it could not have happened if I were not neglecting my Kindle. I now promise to do more reading with it and periodically keep the wireless connection open, so I get more familiar with updates. =D


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