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I was perusing over things in my room at home, specifically looking for a children’s book I got from my grade school library. However, it took me more than four hours to find it and in the process, I was able these. I had amassed a substantial amount of French and Italian books, as well as some of previous Vogue magazines I did not bring to the apartment with me. I also saw these two neckties and a catalog, and this damaged silk scarf also resurfaced. I completely forgot about the catalog and I can’t even remember why I had one. It was either given as a free gift by one of the sellers from Ebay when I was still buying more than selling, or I got it dirt cheap so I bought it anyway.


Language books and Vogue magazines

Language books and Vogue magazines

Look what I found - Hermes silk neckties, Hermes silk scarf and a Louis Vuitton catalog

Look what I found

The La Promenade de Longchamps scarf was clearly a waste. It was very beautiful in its pristine state, especially the golden yellow filigree and horses details on four corners. In a previous post, I contemplated on framing a scarf for a wall decoration but it still has not happened. I had a brainwave, though, and thought of salvaging this silken beauty because it was still too beautiful not to be seen. I just needed a nice looking frame to make the most out of its passable parts. On my way back to Makati, I dropped by my favorite thrift store in Cubao to look at available frames. The prices were no joke and most of them even cost more than a thousand pesos. I saw this unused silver frame with ornate details, and it was marked down from Php 450 to 350! I knew that it was unused because the picture inside was not a painting, rather a mock cardboard printout. I also managed to buy a smaller and also unused wooden frame for Php 100.

These frames were located on the second floor of the store, along with other household and electronic items. The appliances were running on 110V, though, and you must purchase a separate voltage converter just to use them. I paid for them at the cashier on the first floor, and one of the owners even teased me to buy some more. I just gave a nervous laugh because I had very little money with me and the silver frame was just too pretty too pass up. I even had to take the bus from Cubao to Makati because it was way cheaper than taking a cab, or less of a hassle than taking the stairs to the MRT. Good thing that the sky was gloomy, so the walk going to the bus stop was just a breeze.

A bunch of frames waiting to be taken home

A bunch of frames waiting to be taken home

I was anxious to arrive at our apartment to pry the frames with a can opener from the back. I was not too sure what to make of the scarf and how to put it inside the silver frame. It took me several folding trials to finally get it right. And just as I thought I got it right, the design was still slightly off-centered but I did not bother correcting it again because I already sealed the back with duct tape. As for the smaller frame, I managed to find my colorblind art of blue irises from 1998. However, I had to fold a couple of inches from both sides because it was not fitting like a glove.

Ready to use these frames

Ready to use these frames

It doesn't look too bad - Framed Hermes Scarf La Promenade de Longchamps

It doesn’t look too bad

My irises painting finally framed

My irises painting finally framed

Our wall looking less blank now

Our wall looking less blank

I just read an article from Elite Daily last week on “20 Signs You’re On the Right Track Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like…“. One of the things mentioned was that “Your apartment feels like home”, and even if the decoration was not finally done, it was still a place you can relax at and call as home. Well, our place was not the fanciest but it definitely has our stamp and I’m very happy about it. I feel delighted when people remark how “house-looking” our place was, and even one of the guards commented how clean it was. LOL I guess I was just too obsessed in keeping the place tidy and presentable because it was small, and a cluttered place would only make it difficult to move around.

Two days from now, my friend Ikle will be arriving from China for his graduate school summer vacation. He will be staying at our place because he will be having corrective plastic surgery and the clinic is located in Makati. I am excited to finally see him after six months because I did not have the chance to see him before he left for China again earlier this year because I was still at the hospital. I especially missed good, long talks with him over life and our hopes for the future. I have known him for more than a decade now and I am really happy to be talking to him in person again.




  1. Hi. I just wanted to ask where you usually find Italian books? I’m working on learning Italian and I haven’t found any in the bookstores in Batangas.

    • Hi! I bought mine from Booksale, but some of them were from the library in school, which I “forgot” to return hehehe

    • This scarf was a victim of Ondoy from 2009. Lots of color transfer from other parts of the scarf and another silk necktie. There’s really nothing we can do if they get stained, no?

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry.

    I’m hoping Woolite can at least lighten the stain. Failing that, I will try peroxide. It’s a chasse a vol (not sure of the spelling), and the dark blue border got transferred during dry cleaning. The cleaners tried to remove it and spread the color even more on the white part. Information that I only learned when I filed a case against them sa DTI. Kasi they initially denied that it was their fault. Ay, novel na ito. 🙂

    • Hahaha talaga umabot pa sa DTI? Anyway, I don’t think I can salvage it half a decade after. The middle part had sever color transfer hehe sayang talaga but the edges looked good pa din. =D

  3. Yez! DTI kung DTI. I felt offended being lied to and accused that it was my fault. Especially since I’ve been their customer for two years now. All I really wanted was admission of fault and apology, but the manager, perhaps fearing that I’d ask for monetary compensation insisted on denying their fault.

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