I have already moved beyond the usual love for Doc Martens — I’m now obsessed with them. I just found my next Doc Martens, a black 10-hole pair of boots:

Black 10-hole Doc Martens boots - Manila, Philippines

Black 10-hole Doc Martens boots

It’s a gorgeous pair and by the looks of it, it was already broken in properly. A good ol’ leather conditioner and some mink oil will bring these babies back to life. Tomorrow before going to work, I will be meeting with the seller of the shoes to get them.

I perfectly know now that this is an obsession. You know the familiar feeling of hiding your purchases to your SO because of the fear of being reprimanded? Or they sometimes pop in your sleep and then you keep on running after them but can’t be reached? Here it is. I have already banned myself from buying bags but I’m on a roll in buying Doc Martens. But I’m not complaining!

Black 8-hole Doc Martens with leather strap and buckle detail - Manila, Philippines

Black 8-hole Doc Martens with leather strap and buckle detail

I also found this pair with the interesting leather strap and buckle detail. I would have bought them, but (un)fortunately… it was a size smaller! I still have my limits as I could wear a bigger pair but definitely not a smaller one. My feet might curse me again if I do. Three pairs down and tomorrow lunch time, I’ll be a happy owner of four Doc Martens!



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