It was a wonderful day for thrifting!

Raberly Ukay Center - SM North Avenue Station

(Sorta ‘Mecca’, if only the air-conditioning was functioning well)

I previously mentioned that our momentary and impulsive move to visit the Ukay near MRT SM North Avenue did not yield favorable results to Mon but instead, gave me surprising finds. We were about to leave because they did not have winter boots in Mon’s size, but a pair of wonderful lace-up caught my eye. When I picked it up — it was Prada!

Not-So-Black Prada Leather Laceups - Manila, Philippines

Shoelaces - Prada Leather Laceups - Manila, Philippines

Insole - Prada Leather Laceups - Manila, Philippines

I initially thought that this pair of oxford shoes won’t fit me because the size was 7 1/2, but you can never tell just by looking because when I tried it on, it was the perfect size. The price was quite steep but I let Mon do the usual charming off the one manning the cashier and after a minute, we agreed at my most convenient price. Mon is officially the best haggler in the world. I’m not too sure about the color, though. I thought it was black but Mon said that it was gray and a shade-away from black. Regardless, the shoes are mine now. Harhar

For the second wonderful find, I found this gray Play by Comme des Garçons polo shirt to complement the same one I already have in black!

Gray Play by Comme des Garcons Polo Shirt with Black Heart - Manila, Philippines

Black Heart from Play by Comme des Garcons - Manila, Philippines

I was happy to see this one because it was very unexpected. It was a medium, while the black was a small, but I can say that this is the perfect size. It was, indeed, a wonderful day for thrifting and scoring these finds made me overjoyed! You’ve got to love  the Ukay culture that we have!



    • Hi thanks a lot! I wasn’t able to find a lot of CdGs unfortunately but I like seeing and finding vintage cotton shirts with interesting prints =D Nice jackets! You got a chance to wear them lately kase ang lamig and it’s raining as well. ^_^

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