I, the Mulberry risk-taker

It was a very stressful day just for this Mulberry Bayswater. I woke up quite early because I needed to pay for the item via bank deposit in BPI. I was hoping to settle the payment around lunch time, so that the seller could send the item before the shipping cut-off and eventually for the bag to arrive tomorrow.

Lovely clochette of this Mulberry Congo Leather Bayswater - Manila, Philippines

I’m not normally  trustful enough of the people around me and Ebay did not change that. Back in 2008 when I was still a beginner on Ebay, I was burned really bad. I had been scammed for an LV Epi bag and it took me about two weeks to get over the experience. However, it did not stop me from buying from low feedback sellers.

I wasn’t risk averse that I even bought an Hermès Nouméa last January 2011 from a zero feedback seller! I ended up sending the bag back because it was not exactly as described and the seller refunded me right away. That was a great relief.

A filthy Hermès Nouméa in togo leather - Manila, Philippines

But for this Bayswater, I was extremely wary. I’ve deposited the payment and was waiting for a confirmation from the seller that she had received it. Imagine my horror when she insisted that it was not reflecting in her account, because as far as I knew, bank payment reflect real-time.

She eventually got it and sent the item the same afternoon. Now, all I can do is hope that my enthusiasm, or to be more blunt, greed, did not send me to another burning episode.


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