I miss photographing the Moon

Ever since I was little, being an astronomer was the earliest professional ambition I could remember. I was very interested in the night sky, the constellations, and celestial events such as solar eclipses. I even count witnessing a total solar eclipse as one of the things in my bucket list.

However, this dream slowly died out when I was in high school because I had realized how much Physics and Chemistry was needed to achieve this dream. I became interested in other things such as languages, style (which takes up most of my time), etc.

March 11, 2012 - Gibbous Moon - Astrophotography

But last March, I rekindled this interest and eventually bought an astronomical telescope. I still couldn’t believe it that time because telescopes were just the stuff of astronomy magazine catalogues I used to browse when I was younger. Well, my mother brought me an Olympus binocular but of course, the reach was limited but it still gave good images of the Moon.

I’m always fascinated by the Moon and it was pretty natural for me to first point my telescope to it. It was magic. To date, I have photographed the Moon with my telescope and digital camera thrice. The weather recently made it difficult to capture it.

March 31, 2012 - Half Moon - Astrophotography

Supermoon! - Astrophotography

The last image was my favorite so far, because it was the Supermoon last May. I’ve been also trying to photograph Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. However, due to the limited capability of my telescope, I got poor results. Then I always remember how much have I spent over bags I recently brought,  and I curse myself because I could have bought a more decent telescope and get good, mind-blowing photos of these planets.

As I am now on a ban to buy any bags, I next plan to buy another telescope by the end of August. Hopefully, the skies will clear up by that time. It will be my reward for finishing my comprehensive examinations in the same month. Again, no bags for an indefinite time.


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