I died and went to YSL heaven!

yves saint laurent ysl vavin leather tote bag

YSL Vavin!

Photo from riksh-upamaya.blogspot.com

I will not be the first nor undoubtedly the last person to blog and drool over this YSL Vavin tote. Earlier, after getting our tickets for Prometheus, I immediately saw a man carrying this bag by the escalator in Glorietta 4. It was my first time to see this exact bag in real life. I wanted to stealthily take a picture of the bag but I thought that it would be extremely rude.

I went back to work thinking over the bag and furthermore fueling my urge to get the leather Givenchy luggage bag I had been lusting over since last weekend. After readying myself with soothing Beethoven on my ears because my heart tend to pound like mad on the last two minutes of an auction, I went to a bidding war and won this Givenchy bag! (Photos from the seller)

givenchy luggage duffel bag manila philippines

Givenchy luggage bag

givenchy luggage duffel bag manila philippines

Givenchy luggage bagAs I was (and continually am) excited over owning this bag, I immediately paid for it. The seller will ship the item tomorrow and by Friday, I will be a happy owner of this lovely leather Givenchy bag. This will be my FIRST ever Givenchy so I can’t even contain my excitement!


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