I couldn’t help but wonder…

While waiting for something substantial to happen (i.e. another chapter of my colorful working life), I have added a small inset. As I spend most of my time getting ready and preparing myself mentally of what the future has for me, I found myself writing profusely. I was fortunate enough that in between jobs, I was able to secure a freelance writing position for an Austrian firm. I was tasked to write on African politics, both domestic and international. Who would have thought that my previous job would give me an unexpected leg up on this? :p

Writing while looking outside

Writing while looking outside


I just imagined that it was a Carrie Bradshaw moment, sans the cosmos and night out after. I also had to always remind myself to get up and walk around because I have the tendency to sit for long hours just to finish whatever it is that I am writing. Like what I have mentioned in my earlier post, I also had to write something very┬áimportant but I could not say ‘No’ to this writing gig. It was intellectually stimulating, and it got me thinking that we do not have any African Studies in Diliman. I might be wrong in this front. but I am not aware of any dedicated program in our university. I know all the rage is in China right nor, but if we were to follow the trend of global GDP growths, the African continent will definitely be making a mark by 2050!

Interestingly, learning is a continuous process. Given the writing topics I had to work on, it was no walk in the park. It was not a mere blog what-I-ate-today post and I had to read profusely on some subjects. It was like being back in school, only that I get paid for it. ­čśÇ

Skyline from peeking out our fire exit window

Skyline from peeking out our fire exit window LOL


Anyway, I had my much needed rest and anytime soon, I know I’ll be back braving Metro Manila’s traffic. But I couldn’t help but wonder, why it took me so long to appreciate a little down time? I’m still slightly high-strung. ┬áMy previous experience should have been indicative that being in a constant state of rush did not do me any good. Waking up and smelling the coffee still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I can’t help but have my head up in the clouds. Without mincing words, I sometimes think that my idealism has the tendency to get the best of me. I’m headstrong, I know, but after closely examining where I’m standing at and how much I have already left behind — there’s no turning back. ­čÖé


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