Happy first month, Popo, Uyu and Miso! <3

I’m really thankful for the eco-bag trend (which I really hope to be a fixture) now because I can now carry tote bags like this without looking like a sore thumb.

I had reservations before, but almost everybody in the streets are now carrying at least one extra bag for miscellaneous things. With this bag’s back in the front, it really does look like something you can find in SM or any supermarket to carry your stuff around. =D Plus, I’ve been doing my best to carry less heavy bags for my shoulders’ sake.

Bossini polo shirt, brick pants, brown 8-hole Doc Martens, green Prada Tessuto Robot 2 tote - Manila, Philippines

Today marks the first month since the birth of Bommie’s little kitties! I always look forward to seeing new pictures and videos of the kittens playing, even if I still have to see them in person. Faye commented that they were looking good, and it was evident that the three were well taken care of. They are also now almost capable of getting out of their box!

As you can see from the video above, they were a playful bunch, with the youngest (Miso) as the most energetic of the three. She was not too afraid to take her older brother down, even if Popo was quite bigger than her. =D As for the camera-loving Uyu, he was too busy playing by their mother’s back to meddle with the playful fight of his siblings.

Mon and I both agreed that we will have Bommie spayed by April or May. As much as his family had significantly warmed up to the idea of having the cats in their house (or even pets in general), having another litter in the coming months might be too much for them. Besides, we don’t want to endanger Bommie’s health as well due to nutrient and mineral deficiency brought up by frequent pregnancies.

I also thought of having my dog, Sophie, spayed but as she doesn’t even go outside the house unlike cats, there would be no need for that. She only got pregnant once and out of the seven pups, we kept the youngest one (Miriam). I wanted to adopt one of Bommie’s kittens but I don’t think everyone in the house will agree, particularly my mother. We used to have dogs and cats together in the late 1990s up to the early 2000s (dogs: Rasha and Kimmy, cats: Moja and Crookshanks — all resting in peace, I miss you all, my loves) and they all got along very well. But as Sophie seemed so determined to prove we have no need for cats because she also catches mice as much as her chubby body will allow her, whenever she sees one. LOL

Anyway, Sophie can’t seem to catch all kinds of mice and I think Mama will eventually be amenable to another pet in the house. I don’t know which one of the three I would get if I were given the chance, but as Mon’s mom has gotten so fond of Uyu (which she fondly calls ‘Tisoy‘, short for mestizo), I might end getting Popo or the energetic Miso. =D


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