Got my first Google AdSense payout from Western Union!

Back in February, I have posted about how my Google AdSense got finally approved. Fast forward to the end of September, I finally reached the $100 threshold. However, I still have to wait for the 21st of the following month to receive another message from Google.

My first Google AdSense payout!

My first Google AdSense payout!

First of all, this amount was from February until September — a paltry amount compared to other serious people for ad revenues. However, I have also noticed that September was actually good because I had about $30 for a single month. For October, I have also surprisingly reached $50. Let’s hope that this monthly average becomes the norm, so I at least have a $100 every 2 months. Not much but enough to pay for the domain and hosting fees.LOL

When I set up my payment method on Google AdSense, there was a Western Union and bank transfer option. To be sure, I filled out both options. I normally have no business with Western Union. The last time I had been inside was to get my per diem money and allowance prior to our 9 day work-stay in Guam.

The Western Union branch in Aguirre, Makati --- a couple of minutes walk from Greenbelt 1

The Western Union branch in Aguirre, Makati — a couple of minutes walk from Greenbelt 1

I’ve read online that I needed to photocopy two government-issued IDs, which I did to be sure. I was fortunately the only person inside the branch, so I took my sweet time filling out the form. Aside from the personal information, the most important was the Western Union MTCN provided by Google. For the sender, instead of a first name and last name, I just wrote ‘Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.‘.

Western Union's 'Receive Money' form (International)

Western Union’s ‘Receive Money’ form (International)

I am not sure if it varies from one Western Union branch to another, but the person at the counter just took my UMID. No need for the photocopy. I had to wait for around 5 minutes before she finally printed out something. People have been also arriving and by the time I was about to sign the paper, there were already five behind me.

Google AdSense payout in Philippine Peso

Google AdSense payout in Philippine Peso

While I checked the US$ at the form, I was informed that they did not have dollars available. It was no big deal as I had no use for dollars as of the moment. Better convert that money, then. Also, there was a $0.19 deduction on the total amount, thus reducing my $124.46 to $124.27. The exchange rate was at $1 = Php51, but it was Php 51.10 when I earlier entered. >_<

In the end, I was able to get Php 6,337 (she did not give me the 0.37 cents). And hopefully before Christmas, I get to earn more to add to the presents for my loved ones. Thank you Google!


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