Friends and PayPal

Last Tuesday, I chatted on Facebook with Lala, my friend way back from college. We were classmates since my second semester in Diliman (Creative Writing 10) and she still remains to be one of the most weirdly tenacious people I have ever met. She was also a classmate of Ikle from another class and the world was really small for the three of us. When she found out that Ikle was here in the Philippines, she scheduled a day for us to meet and have lunch together.

Ikle, Lala and I
The three of us knew each other for about a decade now

We agreed to meet in A Veneto (which is, by the way, pronounced as /ave-neto/ and not /avenet-to/, it should be spelled as A Venetto to qualify as the latter =D) in Trinoma at 11:30 PM but I arrived late. When I was about to leave the house, Mama asked for my digital camera because she was going somewhere else with the kids. I hesitated to lend it to because I was eager to take good pictures of my friends and I together. But I just did not want any issue so I let it go. =D Lala and Ikle were already eating when I arrived past 12 noon. We had a a great time talking and laughing over how silly we were back in college, as well as ask about what happened to whoever we were talking about. Good thing there were not a lot of people inside because we were guffawing like mad. The three of us haven’t been together since April 2008, when Ikle attended the University Graduation. Lala and I graduated a year earlier and she was infamous in our College Graduation for not wearing an all-white/cream ensemble, the dress code for female graduates. LOL The lady wore a black pencil skirt.

UP Diliman's University Graduation 2008 --- we all looked so young here and I still had braces

Lala and I in our College Graduation in 2007

We then went to have some coffee in that coffee/tea place in the 4th floor, near the carousel (forgot the name of the place but it is always jampacked on Saturday nights). But since I have work at 3pm, we had to cut our meeting short and we all together went to Makati via MRT.

WordAds first payment to PayPal

At around 4PM, I received an email on my phone from PayPal but the subject line was enough to make my heart skip a beat — I just received my first payment for WordAds! When I last posted about WordAds, I barely had a few dollars, which wasn’t bad at all. I did not start blogging to make money, nor reach out to a ready audience pimping myself. I don’t even post my blog and promote it on my Facebook page. This is my virtual diary of whatever happens to me everyday, and I’m happy enough to get search results from people who are looking for (in-depth) information about a particular topic. So happened I wrote about it and people see it on search results. Comments or likes are just bonus points. However, I will not say ‘No!’ to monetary compensation with WordAds advertisements just innocently hovering after every first entry of my page. Meanwhile, I’ll just let the money sit on my PayPal account because I think that I still don’t have any pressing need to use it as it might trigger the first impulsive purchase of the year.




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