Emma Stone for US Vogue – July 2012

US Vogue July 2012 - Emma Stone

(Photo from fashnberry.com)

When I watch a movie these past few months, I’m constantly bombarded with The Amazing Spider-Man trailer. And then I’ve been thinking that for the month of July, Emma Stone will surely get the cover of US Vogue and I was right. Anna Wintour became very predictable and the heroine/leading lady of a big and undeniably blockbuster movie once again bagged the cover.

But what about Jennifer Lawrence earlier this year? The Hunger Games was a big hit as well, but would Anna Wintour pick her over Adele, who she famously styled (in an unflattering all-black outfit) for the Grammys when she picked the Best New Artist award three years earlier?

I seriously love the free-spirited Jennifer Lawrence, but I think Anna would not put her in the cover of Vogue for being on the curvy side. Adele got all the curvy-girl pass this year and that won’t happen anytime soon in the following months until December. And I have a good feeling that this August, Anne Hathaway will get another cover because of The Dark Knight Rises.

Going back to Emma Stone, she looks radiant in this cover shot by Mario Testino. I’ve always think that her signature red locks look best on her, but as a blonde (which is her natural hair color), she looked more classy and made her eyes pop more. I’m sure she’s wearing some nipple tape in this Nina Ricci because the neckline was dangerously low.

Emma Stone's outfit - Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2012

(Photo from style.com)

With all honesty, I’m not interested with another Spiderman movie and I feel that Andrew Garfield is a bit lanky for the role. But whatever, as if I can do something about it and I will still be watching because of Emma.

One last complaint: “Emma Stone: From Funny Girl to Spider-Man’s Leading Lady” — major downgrade. What’s up with that?


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