How hard is it to find Doc Martens in the Philippines: HOLY GRAIL!

Have you ever wanted a pair of shoes so much you’d do anything and go anywhere just to get it? It just happened to me. I had a moment of reflection recently and calmly reassured myself that after spending a considerable amount last week, the next time I’m going to buy something will be for nothing else but the classic black 8-hole Doc Martens. No excuses. No ifs. No buts.

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Then a sudden twist of fate, I checked last Monday and saw the pair I’ve always wanted. It was extremely reasonably priced for a used pair and I cannot not have it. Problem was, the seller will only be available for meet-up next week because he was feeling sick or busy. I was not exactly sure of the reason. However, he was okay with me picking-up the shoes by their house.

I’ve never been to their part of Quezon City, and I can’t thank BlackBerry Maps enough for leading the way.  From the major roads to their exact street, I reached their house just fine, albeit sweating like a pig. I did not anticipate that it would be that much walk. Mon did not even know that I went there. Forgive me but I really do get a little crazy over this and I just did not want to be judged harshly.

I know I’m kind of stingy. You see, I refuse to spend more than Php 5,000 for a new pair of Doc Martens because breaking it in is such a pain and I consider that amount to be ludicrous for a pair of shoes. I can only imagine funding other bags with that amount. And in picking up these shoes, I did not even ride the cab and walked the whole length inside their public-transpo-phobic subdivision! The lengths I’d go for a pair of shoes.

When I was in the garage, I was met with a group of elderly people, presumably the seller’s parents and their househelp. The older man had seen me wearing my 14-hole boots and asked: Uy, mahilig ka pala sa DMs? (Hey, you do really like DMs?) and to which I replied:  Konti lang po. (Yes, just a bit). In my head, I was thinking:  “Are you serious?!?! I’ve walked from your subdivision’s gate to your house under the blazing sun, drenched in sweat just to get these boots. Then my fondness for DMs is still not absolute???”. Of course, I only thought about it. And yes, the older man call them DMs, he was really cool.

Vintage Doc Martens 8-hole boots philippines

The pair needs cleaning and I know that the original shoelaces were missing and had been replaced with a generic one from another combat boots. I’m fine with the crease on the leather but I need to do something with that weird discoloration. Let’s see what will happen when I clean it later with some leather cleaner and conditioner, and some mink oil.

Vintage Doc Martens 8-hole boots philippinesVintage Doc Martens 8-hole boots philippines

Of course I tried them on, even if I am now wearing the wrong pair of pants for it. I’m so happy that I can now wear the pants I have custom-made from the tailor last May. Try as I may, I really can’t get into the whole loafers bandwagon. It looks good on other people but I feel ridiculous in them. I have bought a pair of black leather loafers but I never really use them.

My feet love Doc Martens and I’m so happy that I finally found my footwear holy grail. Some girls love their heels, while Doc Martens are my Louboutins. I just hope they don’t get too mainstream here like the loafers. Now, back to the purchasing ban.


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