This space is no longer the same, safe place it used to be. I don’t mind friends and family members finding out about my blog as it was inevitable, but what I hate the most is when people speak to me over what I wrote here and draw attention to my concerns in real life. People, there is a reason why what I write here ideally STAYS here, and you don’t usually see me talking to everybody about them. I might have honestly lost the drive to constantly update it as religiously as before because of a slight censoring on my part due to a more concrete audience.  Would it offend people? But It completely defeats the purpose of why I am here in the first place. Ugh. I don’t want to sound like a rambling teenager, but that is something I am already sure of myself. I try my best to avoid confrontation because things usuall get ugly once I start.

The Heat… once again!

About a year ago,  I was fortunate enough to be tagged along when a colleague of mine won a Facebook contest for a free buffet for 20 people in HEAT, EDSA Shangri-la! This year might not be free but at least it was on a discount. LOL One of my high school friends, Len, arranged a get-together a month ago because she’d be back here in Manila from Indonesia for a couple of weeks. For a minimum of five people, we would be paying Php 888, instead of the regular price of almost Php 1,900. And as we just usually see each other during Christmas or in special events (for instance, Czare’s wedding last year), it was one of the few moments we get to see each other and catch up.

The Heat in Shangri-la

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Goodbye, goodbye!

After four days in Palawan, reality kicked in and I found myself back in our office in Pasay! Not that I am complaining but it would have been better if I had spent the whole week away from everything. =P But good thing I reported for work because there was something today that made me excited. The printed copies of the our annual report have arrived!

It was Rob’s baby, having spent a considerable time and effort to produce a wonderful annual report. It was special to me as well because I got to design the cover/front page! =P We had no other photo in mind, other than the one we currently have as cover photo on our Facebook page, so I had to edit the text out of the girl’s hair.

Our annual report!

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