A presto, Agnese!

One’s workplace can always be surprising. While my year and almost three months at the organization is not without its roadblocks, I’m always delighted to be with a group of happy people.

One of my colleagues had to cut her mission to the Philippines short. With a heavy heart, I received her news thinking that it must be for the best. But before she left, she prepared a special meal for some of us.

Parting gift – look at the surprised faces!

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To infinity and beyond!

Years ago, I told myself that I would make amends with people who I had severed ties with if I came out alive from my ordeal. Then years later, we find ourselves in the middle of a glorious day when they finally tie the knot. I haven’t seen them since 2014 and to see them as they take their vows could not have been the best timing.

It was Mama’s 60th birthday yesterday and we arrived in Marikina to celebrate the day with her. But for the Saturday after, I know she understood that we had to attend a wedding.

We sometimes dress up

We sometimes dress up

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Au revoir, Manille!

Having worked for this organization for around 7 months now, I am getting used to End-of-Mission (EOM) by our mobile staff every month. While back in February, my boss who hired me had her EOM, it was her husbands turn last Friday. I had been praying for it not to rain because that would be a bummer. Partying on a wet roof-deck could dampen everybody’s spirits.

Because I seldom wear leather sandals - Balenciaga Men's Day messenger bag and Prada leather sandals

Because I seldom wear leather sandals

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Nuit de raclette avec la bande

We have been looking forward to this night, following the invitation sent by our former boss weeks ago. In 10 days time, she and her family will be flying off to Colombo to hopefully spend a couple of years there for the organization.

Bottles of wine and trays of amuse-bouche

Bottles of wine and trays of amuse-bouche and dips

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