BHB! Bye hair, bye!

Three days ago, I’ve started considering to cut my hair really short to save me time and possible breakouts due to the stress of studying for my comprehensive examinations. I usually do something to my hair when I try to commit in accomplishing something important and the upcoming exams are no exception. I always feel like Fa Mulan cutting her hair upon embarking on a mission. Honestly, I stalled this haircut just for that silly picture I had last Saturday. I needed hair to look “wild”.

From my fluffy hair to this buzz cut


I only spent Php 40 pesos (barely a dollar) on this haircut; though I always have a recurring fear when a barber uses an electric razor on my hair — what if the power went out? Would I be leaving with my hair looking like the one on the rightmost photo? LOL

My new haircut until September!

Presenting my new hair (or relative absence thereof) until after my comprehensive examinations are finished! I keep on forgetting I already have a buzz cut because I was unconsciously pushing my hair up. No more plastic headbands and no more falling hair when I’m reviewing (because I also pull my hair unconsciously while reading). Hair — see you in September!



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