Coveting this Givenchy duffle bag

Givenchy Black Luggage Duffle Bag

Leather bags are not always practical because aside from the weight to manage, the humidity during the rainy season makes it difficult to clean and maintain them. However, when I saw this Givenchy bag online listed at a very attractive price, I’m coveting it all the same. I have sent the seller a message the other day, asking about specific details about the bag. When I finally decided to get it, alas, she won’t even bother to reply.

I really like this style. I look over my current bags and noticed that most of the ones that I use the most are messenger styles with top handles.

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Now, I have to wait for four more days to see whether this Givenchy will end up mine. But I’m also half-wishing that I’d no longer want it by that time. Decisions.


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