Au revoir, Manille!

Having worked for this organization for around 7 months now, I am getting used to End-of-Mission (EOM) by our mobile staff every month. While back in February, my boss who hired me had her EOM, it was her husbands turn last Friday. I had been praying for it not to rain because that would be a bummer. Partying on a wet roof-deck could dampen everybody’s spirits.

Because I seldom wear leather sandals - Balenciaga Men's Day messenger bag and Prada leather sandals

Because I seldom wear leather sandals

It was also my first time to tag Mon along in an office party, as his work schedule is earlier than mine. Finally he won’t miss out in the craziness of my office parties. I also wanted him to say his proper farewell to my boss, who he had met several times before.

Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

A big thank you to my former boss!A big thank you to my former boss!

Aside from her husband officially ending his mission, one of our Japanese colleagues would be transferring to Myanmar for his next mission, and a friend of mine will be then based in Davao. That was a lot of goodbyes on a single night.

Bye Becca!

Bye Becca!

The good thing about bringing Mon with me was that I got to get home early. By 10 pm, we were already saying our goodbyes to the people. I think some of my colleagues would be a bit too drunk to remember the crazy things they had done during the party. One swam in the pool in his boxers, a couple of them did imaginary tinikling, while a bunch had taken too much of the dark-colored drink  (can’t remember what exact color it was) that they had been laughing all evening (or until 10, since who knows until what time they had stayed).

I had a short conversation with my former boss before I went to the exit. I can’t recall how many times I said thank you to her and how grateful I was for the opportunity to work here. I know that I still have a long way head of me, but for this door to open in the first place was what I was exactly looking for.


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