Another finished product

I think the most amazing thing about finishing any project is those last moments that you know you’re about to be done. So, imagine how giddy I was when I was down on the last five stitches of this nappa kid leather bag I made from scratch.

Hand-sewn from the inside - saddle stitch leather

Hand-sewn from the inside

 Again, I cannot state enough how much I love this leather. My hands thanked me a lot for being thoughtful, as I had less difficulty making every stitch. The only irritating about this is that the marks I made with the tracing wheel keep on disappearing. I had to do several runs with the wheel, until I decided it was best to just trace when I’m only about to make the stitch. I should have thought of that much earlier and my life would have been easier.

Inspiration and finished product - saddle stitch leather

Inspiration and finished product

Look at the inspiration and my finished product! I just tweaked the size because I know I wanted a bigger bag. I also had to add an extra pocket because it would be too much to dig in every time I had to get something from the bag. I know this is an open tote — not the best bag in pickpocket-infested Metro Manila — but I had a Mulberry pouch that fits perfectly inside. That’s an extra protection from the dirty hands itching to get my things.

Regardless if it only took me two weeks to make this bag, I would most probably be resting for a couple of months before starting another project again. I still have a substantial amount of leather with me, though, and it is enough for a nice leather pouch. Let’s see, if time permits. 🙂



  1. Hi Bryan? Nice meeting you! It is really nice reading your entries in your blog since I love bags too. And also I’m a graduate of Int’l Studies here in Manila (no need to mention my school hehe) and writing this comment makes me intrigue that where do you buy your stuff in making leather bags because I really want to make for myself since having a signature and leather one will break your pockets. And I really appreciate it if you will give me a hint for that. Thanks and more power to you. Oopps yes it’s really hard to get employed in *** cause I tried to apply there too (just sharing).

    • Hi! For some weird reasons, my OWN comment did not get through. Anyway, cool to hear you enjoy reading my shenanigans.LOL You took International Studies in graduate school, too? As for the bag tools and materials, you can usually buy them along M. Cruz St. in Marikina Public Market. Rows upon rows of stores in that area. Good luck!

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