And two more months before the fourth!

Mon and I were on halfday leave earlier because it was our 3rd year and 10th month together! Last month, we also did the same thing — movie with dinner because we still had to go to work, even for half of our normal shift. We watched “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and it was really good! Quite bloody but what can I expect from a vampire movie! (Not unless we include that movie with the sparkly vampires *shudders*).

And I did not know that Erin Wasson was there! She was malevolent and I had to explain to Mon that he has already seen her. I even had to mention that she was on the first episode of the Cycle 16 of ANTM, the one with the giant bubble on the runway with the contestants modelling Alexander Wang. It was only then that he recalled. =P

Meatlover's pizza, Legally Blonde pasta and my favorite potato wedges - Marciano's Greenbelt 3

Meatlover’s pizza, Legally Blonde pasta and my favorite potato wedges

We had dinner at Marciano’s in Greenbelt 3 and we can’t remember when was the last time we ate there. Honestly, I was not that hungry and I barely finished my pasta. I definitely loved the potato wedges but we only got to eat a slice of the pizza (Mon ate it), and we just took the remaining seven slices afterwards.

When you are not used to asking people to take your picture --- use the mirror

About to eat - Marciano's Greenbelt 3

I blame the junk food and the coffee during the movie for killing my appetite. I can normally wolf this down but maybe that was already fate’s way of letting me have a good look of what I could have eaten. LOL

Happy three years and ten months again, Mon! =)


I do hope you are not reading this, though. You were 50% of the reason why I left Tumblr. Just kidding. (No, I mean it actually.)


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