And so I thought it would rain…

gucci coated canvas messenger bag brown 8-hole doc martens boots - Gucci Bag Philippines

Chinese collar polo, brown skinny pants, Gucci coated canvas messenger bag, brown 8-hole Doc Martens boots

… but turned out I was terribly wrong. Well, it drizzled for a few minutes on my way to work but it was mostly windy. As we are obliged to wear business casual from Monday to Thursday, I’m still doing my best to work within the rules they have set out.

As I’ve read somewhere, rules are there for people to know what NOT to do. Upon reading the guidelines set by the HR, sneakers and other athletics footwear are prohibited. It did not say anything about people not allowed to wear boots; and if I remember correctly, women are allowed to do so. I consider that as a form of gender discrimination. Just kidding.


Brown 8-hole Doc Martens boots


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