And I finally replaced my eyeglasses

Almost two months ago, about a week before my exams, the frame of my eyeglasses got broken. Being sporadically stingy, I chose not to spend anything and repaired it with some super glue and masking tape. LOL But while I was fixing my things for our trip tomorrow, I accidentally broke my glasses again.

My broken wayfarer eyeglasses frame

Apparently, it was beyond repair and I did not want to risk going out of town with a broken pair, unless I wanted the lens to just randomly fly out while in a boat ride. I’ve been looking the day before for the exact frame in the optical shops in Farmers Plaza, but it turned out that most of them, in spite of the resemblance, can’t exactly accommodate my multi-coated lens.

We then went to Glorietta, hoping to find the same pair but alas, there was still none. I had no choice but to choose another kind of frame, the one that can fit my glasses. I was really hesitant because I’ve had this black pair for more than three years already and I couldn’t imagine wearing another one. It was like a part of who I am and to relinquish the style for practicality’s sake was ridiculous. But then again, I did not want any scampering-for-the-lens scene for our trip tomorrow. And so,  I finally chose this frame:

My new plastic eyeglasses frame

The original size of the dummy lens was narrower, and I had to convince the staff to please try to preserve the shape of the lens. I’ve had problems before with very narrow lens, because I had to constantly adjust the glasses just to see clearly. Good thing, after an hour, they gave me this pair with the original lens, less mutilated than what I expected:Et voila! - Plastic Eyeglasses Frame

I’m still not use to it, though. It was about half the weight of what I used to wear and it felt like I had nothing on — which, maybe the purpose of the extremely pliable plastic. I’m still looking forward to going back to Paterno in Quiapo to find the exact frame I used to have.


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