A very humbling experience

Last Saturday was a very testing day. I need not elaborate on what happened but I just want to say how I was suddenly humbled by an anonymous person living miles away. I’m quite known to be very ill-tempered and stubborn. However, what happened that time woke me up and made me realize that my temper can surely end me up in serious trouble.

That was a close shave and until now, I’m still thinking of imaginary ghosts that might haunt me. To that person I have wronged, again, I’m very sorry and I let my fiery emotions took over. I know that even if it was your mistake in the first place, you still did not merit that sort of attitude from me. I felt horrible afterwards and still feeling it until now.

I’m not exactly the most religious person but I still believe in a Higher Power. And after attending mass earlier, I thought of the things that I should change not only for myself but for the people around me most especially. Special thanks to Mon as well for always keeping me grounded and taming my overly working morbid imagination.

July marks the second half of the year. I looked at the list of things I hoped to accomplish when the year started and I have barely done half of them. I’m easily distracted and that is not a good trait. I have the attention-span of a goldfish. So July 2 also marks the first month of my blog. One big “YEY!” for being able to consistently put myself and my thoughts out there with no censorship but with more tasteful choice of words.

I blame listening to “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables for making me quite melancholic. But I can do it. FIGHT! =)



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