A trip that would have gone bad


Since October 2012, we have already set a plan for our (i.e. Mon, his mom, his sister, Mama and me) trip to Puerto Princesa in July 2013. We’ve been doing our best to prepare for this trip, especially over the issue of who will look after the kids while Mama was with us. One whole week before the trip, it was obvious that nobody will be left to take care of them because our househelp wantonly left us without any word. That was such a bummer and for a moment, I had talked Mama out of the trip and I will just book another one for them before the year ends once Papa has arrived. However, I had a stroke of brilliance and thought of new plan — just tag my nephew along with us.Booking for a child in Cebu Pacific

I have tried booking a seat online, but as I was trying to reserve for a minor, there was a Php 750 fee one -way. Since the ticket itself was not bought on sale, it was costly enough at Php 4,000 (for reference, we booked our five roundtrip tickets last year from a CebuPac sale for Php 5,500). At Php 1,500 more, his tickets would have cost the same as the five of us.

I then called their hotline to try reserving the tickets, and hoped that the fee would be reserved. It took me more than 15 minutes to finish the whole process, but at long last, I was able to book tickets for JB! It will be his first time to ride the airplane and I can tell that he is very excited over the prospect of finally riding one. However, i als means that he will be absent in his classes for four days. But it doesn’t matter now since we have already booked them!



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