A presto, Agnese!

One’s workplace can always be surprising. While my year and almost three months at the organization is not without its roadblocks, I’m always delighted to be with a group of happy people.

One of my colleagues had to cut her mission to the Philippines short. With a heavy heart, I received her news thinking that it must be for the best. But before she left, she prepared a special meal for some of us.

Parting gift – look at the surprised faces!

While we had our fill of wine (I only had small sip of white wine) and several antipasto, Agnese was busy preparing the pizza.

The whole process was quite amazing because I have never seen a yeast-raised dough in person. She has previously worked at a pizzeria in Venice and I have very high expectations because, well, she is Italian!

Preparing the handmade Italian pizza was a sight to behold. She started by spreading the dough on the olive-oil covered tray, followed by tomato sauce with garlic. Mind you, the tomato sauce was made from fresh skinned tomatoes and not from a foil pack. She then put mozzarella, bell pepper and thinly-sliced zucchini before placing it inside the over.

Each time she opened the oven to check, the smell was heavenly. Just recounting the whole process here makes me hungry. LOL After it was all set, well, just see for yourself.

Vegetarian pizza with zucchini, bell pepper and mushroom

Overall, it was an amazing night of stories and eating. From previous work experiences to language and travel boo-boos, I was happy to spend this Friday night with my colleagues. As of this writing, she has surely landed back in Italy. Hopefully she’ll be back at a different context *grins* and we can all continue the crazy stories again.

A presto, Agnese!

And today, a very sweet gesture from amica mia appeared in the office. After lunch, I saw a paper bag on my desk containing these:

Dry yeast and flour

Pizza dough recipe from Agnese

I no longer have any excuse not to make my first pizza! Thank you very much Agnese!


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