A pile of papers

It’s already 3:00 AM and I just finished organizing ALL of my readings for 12 subjects, all the way from 2009 when I started graduate school. I will be waking by quarter to nine and will leave the house by 9:40 AM and hopefully will study in the library until quarter to two.

I’ve been sneezing since lunch time when I started fixing these readings and I’m having a relapse because I added the ones I brought home from the office. I have already developed a strategy for studying in mind and hopefully it will work.

 Four years worth of school readings for comprehensive exams. - UP Diliman

And yeah, HAPPY THREE YEARS AND TEN MONTHS MON! Love you so much!!! We’ll be on half-day leave today from work. We will just watch “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and have dinner before attending half of our shift.

To buzz or not to buzz --- almost no hair back in 2008, when I still had better expressions LOL

I’m still undecided whether I should cut my hair really short and have a buzz cut because: 1) my hair is quite long now, and 2) I needed extra time and I needed a low-maintenance haircut to maximize my schedule.

It will be a very long day later, so time to hit the sack. Maybe my decision to chop everything off will change once I get a few hours of sleep.


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