Throwing the phone

It is by no means doing a Naomi Campbell. It is more than that. Remember when Andy had to throw her cellphone at the Fontaine des Fleuves in Place de la Concorde and walked away? That was how it felt a couple of weeks ago when I handed in my resignation. Yes, I’m finally free from the organization! (And yes, I’m back writing and I am now free to write!)

Throwing the phone at the Fontaine des Fleuves at Place de la Concorde - The Devil Wears Prada

Throwing the phone at the Fontaine des Fleuves at Place de la Concorde (Screengrab from The Devil Wears Prada)

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Working on Sundays

For two straight Sundays, I found myself working in the office. Not only that these were the first time I had to work on a Sunday, my birthday also unfortunately fell on one of these days. Interestingly, I had to be in the office at exactly 7:00 a.m., traveling all the way from Marikina. The struggle is real.

Hello CitiBank

Hello CitiBank with the early morning sun

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One week after

Between time zones and maps

Between time zones and maps

A week has passed since I started working for my new job and what can I say? I honestly have a lot of things in mind, but I’m not too sure if I am at a liberty to voice out everything here. So I guess I would have just to be more discerning of what I would be posting when it comes to my work. It was not out of fear because we had a gag order or something like that, but it was a pretense of professionalism from my part. Kidding! All jokes aside, I am definitely enjoying with everything. :)

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Back in December, days before 2014 ended, I got a bit contemplative of plans and what lies ahead of me. And to my surprise in January, I finally got a call from one of the organizations I’ve been sending an application to since 2009. Now that everything is official and I am already rendering my resignation, I’m happy to be moving on after 7 years from my current company!

This is it!

This is it! Nice to be in Makati again!

I had lots of disappointments since the time I finished graduate school in 2012. To say that it was a struggle is an understatement. However, I’m not discounting the fact that something fruitful still came out of my experience applying to an organization in Manila and the other in Makati. Sometimes, I get used to being asked the same questions that it helped me more convinced of whatever I am talking about. I also almost left the company in November, but the terms of my supposedly-new employment were not properly agreed upon.

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